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Status Update


Of late I've had little time for PA, so this site has been ticking along with the automatically generated content and not much else. I plan on doing a roundup video of things I may have missed, to try and get back into the swing of things. At a glance, Nukes: 'MERICA sounds hilariously tongue-in-cheek, and there are a few other new mods around I need to check out.

If all goes well with the roundup video, I may start using that format as the norm. A video per mod is good for bigger mods, but some mods just don't have anything that in depth to cover.

New Possibilities


The current PTE (v78679) introduces game saves as a new feature to the game. It's in a work in progress state, currently limited in scope (against AI only, on local servers only) and buggy (it will remain a PTE only feature until bugs have been ironed out), however once fully implemented it will be a new way for players to create content.

What potential do save files have? How about:

The saves themselves are actually PA replay files, which we have been able to create locally ever since the server was released. No one has publically looked at them in great detail, but now we have a strong reason to reverse engineer the format and tinker with the contents.

New Site Feature: Mod Grouper


As the title suggests, there's a new site featured called Mod Grouper. It's a form that you can fill in, allowing you to create your own mod which 'groups' a set of other mods of your choosing. This allows you to define multiple configurations of enabled mods that you can easily switch between by simply disabling all mods, then enabling the desired group mod.

No modding experience is required, all you need to do is fill in a form, download the zip file, and extract to your client_mods directory.



A sixth of the mods available on PAMM now have video representation on here and youtube (I've found 80 videos, covering 47 mods). There are plenty more videos that talk about mods without showing any mods in particular. Thank you to all who have contributed to raising mod awareness so far.

25 Things You Didn't Know About Planetary Annihilation


Another fortnight, another video. In this one, I cover as many of the little-known but interesting things about Planetary Annihilation as I can think of. From offline servers to mods, listen to me ramble on for half an hour, because who wouldn't?

User Interface Guide


I made a guide for the user interface during a live game. Old hands will know many of the items already, but perhaps not everything. It covers the entire HUD, commands, queues, hotkeys, and the rest.

Map Videos and Tutorial Videos


I've started making map videos and tutorial videos as a series. They each have their own playlist on youtube. I'm open to suggestions, if you find something interesting or lacking it's likely others will too.



A map section has been added, accessible through the navigation bar at the top of every page. Currently it only contains map packs that are actually mods (which was trivial to add, thank you System Sharing for implementing support for map pack mods). System Sharing's main way of defining maps is different, so needs to be handled differently. Another common way for people to share maps is to attach .pas files to a forum thread. I made a video for a map from a forum thread, for lack of a better place to put it here it is:

Spring Cleaning


Happy new year! Ok it's not spring, but it is time this site had a cleanup. It won't look any prettier, but some of the outdated things will no longer be outdated. Here are a few things that have changed over the past month, or are soon to change in the cleanup:

Milestone: 200 mods on PAMM


As of writing there are precisely two hundred mods currently on PAMM. Thirty-six are server mods, the rest are client mods. There are also at least three mods which aren't on PAMM (mods specific to offline-servers, which PAMM cannot currently make a distinction between), not to mention all the supporting tools that have been created. The most prolific modder to date is wondible, with 36 mods to his name so far.

Video progress


It's been a month since I started making mod videos, and I think it's gone pretty well. Progress has seemed slow from my perspective, but in a month there are 18 videos spanning 21 mods, so maybe not so slow. Something I have been slow at is actually putting them on here, so here's the growing youtube playlist:



I've finally got a decent enough mic to make modding videos, which hopefully I'll find the time to make pseudo-regularly. If you want to provide content for the site (be it video, text, screenshots of mods in action, modding guides, etc), contact me (trialq on There are too many mods for me to be able to populate this database with properly myself, any help is appreciated. In the interest of redundancy, here's an excessively long video saying what this short paragraph does, as well as an utterly verbose introduction (to a site which has very few features that need explaining). Because I can.



Not mod news, but a review that describes the feeling of the game pretty well.

PA released!


After 2 years in the making, v1.0 has been released. Obviously the journey is not over, but it is the biggest milestone in a long time (the last one I remember was galactic war). Now is the time to fix mods that may be broken, and make new mods with the current tools available to fill any gaps. I feel a cleaned up mod scene is the best way to not frighten away those who may be dipping their toes in the water (aka the new people v1.0 will bring).

I'm probably the worst offender when it comes to leaving broken mods on PAMM, and am busy fixing all my mods I can feasibly maintain in the hope that they will not break for a long time. Others that I've lost interest in or can't maintain I'll abandon, and leave the source available in case anyone wants to take over maintenance.

The launch trailer, just because

Ok, really fixed


It's actually been fixed now to use the new location. I had made some of the necessary changes, which brought the mod list into cache and made it look like everything was done when it wasn't. Now it all is definitely maybe updated as it should be.



The database is back, luckily it was a 2 minute fix to link to the new location. A few links and guides may be out of date, they will get fixed as and when I notice and care.

PAMM has moved


PAMM has moved, which breaks this sites database until I fix it. I don't have time to fix it for a while, so hopefully the following will satisfy you in the meantime:



Apologies for not updating the site with new content in a while. Not a lot has been happening with regard to mods and PA itself (not visible anyway), so I've kept myself busy with other things. Modders seem to be slowing down recently too (there have been 6 updates or new mods in the past 2 weeks, half for Statera and the other half Wondible). I've paused modding myself until something new happens that I can get my teeth into, others probably feel this way too. Uber has announced the upcoming release of a major milestone of PA development, dubbed the 'gold' update. The gold update (by gold Brad/Uber refers to the launch aka v1.0 release) promises to be just the thing to get modders motivated again. There are at least two features coming in this update, gas giants and a new 'celestial annihilation' option, as well as the usual performance improvements.

Celestial Annihilation

It's more than likely that the new celestial annihilation option means metal planets can finally be activated into super weapons, reminiscent of the death star. A few months ago a new unit named control_module (see here) appeared in the game files, this is probably part of the new feature. There is speculation on the nature of the metal planets function, but really we're just passing time until the new PTE build comes along.

The announcement is vague enough to allow for another option I'll indulge in now. Maybe the new annihilation option is firing a planet into the sun with Halley's, allowing the metal planet weapon to do something else. There are recesses either side of a metal planet so who knows. The last we heard, the long awaited unit cannon would be within the same gravity well only, or from moon to planet only. Metal planets could instead be tier 2 unit cannons; units going in one end, accelerating through the planet and being fired anywhere the player desires. That would be cool, unique and most importantly, awesome.

Gas Giants

A new biome, a new day. An orbital only planet with unique resource options adds something new to fight over. At this stage I like to think of them as the celestial equivalent of geothermal vents from previous titles, some extra sauce that's worth obtaining for yourself or denying from your opponents. It will be interesting to see how the unique resource gathering works, and how it and the new biome looks. I'm hoping for a churning landscape of swirling eddies. Come to think of it that's pretty likely, given that swirliness was a much talked of feature of biomes in the past.

What this means for modders

With these new features comes new logic. More differentiation between biomes, the possible possibility to activate and deactive certain layers. New units with unique features that can be chopped and changed into who knows what. Maybe the metal planet weapon will be changed into a screaming Chuck Norris, who roundhouse kicks a planet into oblivion. Please.

No news about ladders in v1.0, although it may be part of "and other stuff we'll toss in the update notes.". Even if it's not in v1.0 it should be in soon after, unless plans have been altered.

Gold build announcement, announcement

Small Updates


A few more design tweaks to the site, and a github button for mods that are stored on their own github (all server mods, and probably most mods going forwards). The mod files button downloads the latest mod version PAMM knows about, the github repository could have a more up-to-date, or in-progress upcoming version of the mod. It's nice to be able to browse a mods files without having to find it on your computer, or download the zip file.

The plan for the next week is to get many of the images up to date, and descriptions for at least the server mods. The time I can pour into the site this week is nearly spent, it'll have to wait until the weekend.

More updates


A few more updates:

Major updates to the database


There have been some major updates to the infastructure of the database. The biggest change is automation, which should help with maintenance. All of the manual updating to keep on par with PAMM has been eliminated. The list of mods PAMM maintains is now scraped, cached, and dynamically used whenever a user loads a mod (or author) page. Server mods are in and have a separate page to client mods. Other exciting things include PAMM install links (if you have a recent version of PAMM, clicking the link installs the mod for you), manual download links, and more buttons to make use of the extra commanders that were added.

One notable thing missing are deprecated mods, those no longer listed on PAMM. They are still in the database, they just don't have a page yet. I'm aiming for full automation, so am having some fun with php to get there.

Galactic War, and new mods


Galactic War

Having had a few days to play with Galactic War, it's apparent that it's a lot more moddable than I initially assumed. We can do many things, including messing around with cards, loadouts, galaxies, factions, and probably everything else the server doesn't need to know too.

New mods, and updates

There have been many new mods and updates this week. I've been so busy playing Galactic War, and making Galactic War mods, that I haven't had time to do writeups yet! For now, here's a list of the backlog.

New mods:

Updated mods:

I'll try and work my way through these at the weekend.

Server mods, and API changes


First pass server mods 'soon'

The first big modding news we've had since PiP, an initial pass at server mods should be available soon®. This really is big news for modders and modding, as a whole host of mod categories that were previously impossible, are open for people to implement. Full server access will not be available this time round, instead Uber are adding the ability for hosts to apply server mods to games hosted on the Uber servers.

Ubers announcement: Coming up soon... Server Mods!

API changes

The introduction of the Galactic War has led to some API changes. Not only is there new functionality due to additional scenes and logic, but the existing API has changed (I assume, by the number of broken mods). It will be interesting to see if modders can create their own Galactic War scenarios, create their own tech cards etc. It's unlikely to be possible in this first pass, but it's worth investigating.

As mentioned, many existing mods are broken. I advise anyone using mods to disable them all, and test they work one by one. Also, check out this thread for information on working/non-working mods: Galactic War: working / not working, files changes and so on...

Mod media API

I'm busy making some JSON services for information about mods, one that's ready now is for media. With it, you can find links for any images or videos (downloads implemented soon), the ones used to prettify the mod pages on this site. The captions are included, and there's also a 'rep' tag, indicating whether the media is representative of the mod (some media will not be, for example screenshots of the vanilla game used for comparison). The database currently has 182 images and counting.

The service is used to display the images on this page, selecting a representative image from the json service (script in header). One way the service could be used outside of this website, is as part of a mod, or perhaps to add content to a mod manager. You can access the service with, for example this link gets the json for missile_command.

Another service for the changelog is planned.

Over 100 live mods!


There are over 100 live mods available on PAMM right now. Triple digits is a nice milestone, lets celebrate by getting to 200.

There are 2 new mods, bringing the total to 101. The new mods are:

There are 1 updated mods:

3 new mods, 1 updated mod


There are 3 new mods, bringing the total to 99. 'Dox to Smasher' has been removed. The new mods are:

There is 1 updated mods:

Funnily enough, all changes above were authored by Stuart98. It's likely we'll see more small alteration mods from him in the future.

5 mods updated


5 mods have recently been updated:

3 new mods


There are 3 new mods, bringing the total to 97. The new mods are:

2 new mods, 4 updated mods


There are 2 new mods, bringing the total number of live mods on PAMM to 94 (Hotfictus Invictus has been removed). The new mods are:

There are 4 updated mods:

Status Update and random thoughts


The database has kept up to date with new mods and updates to existing mods, but still isn't quite complete. This is due to missing a few descriptions for some mods that were about before the database was, most notably hotbuild2 and some of the frameworks. I left those until last because they deserve proper descriptions and I needed to become more familiar with them to do them justice, but now the database is live I really need to get on with it. They will be done Soon®. No seriously, I plan on doing them this weekend ;)

Something new I have been working on are highscore tables, ranking players by who has built the most units of a certain type. The tables use data from PA Stats, any game you are in with PA Stats enabled is represented in the tables (with the exception of some older games, which didn't have the right data collected).

Work has started on guides for modders. This aims to include orientation guides, links to useful resources, and short hints of common ways to mod the game (things like hijacking functions, modinfo filling etc). Don't expect the guides any time soon (they will take a long time to write), I'll probably upload them as and when they are completed.

The site is open to contributors, contact me via the email below or trialq on the Uber forums. I'm particularly interested in guides right now. I'm not knowledgeable enough to cover all topics, and writing proper guides take a long time.

2 new mods, 3 updated mods


There are 2 new mods, bringing the total to 93. The new mods are:

There are 3 updated mods:

2 new mods, 5 updated mods


There are 2 new mods, bringing the total to 91. The new mods are:

There are 5 updated mods:

2 new mods, 2 updated mods


There are 2 new mods, bringing the total to 89. The new mods are:

There are 2 updated mods:



In the past few days there have been a few additions to the site:

I'm out of time for the next few days. After that there is plenty of time for this website, I plan to do some stuff ;)

Release day!


The basic content of the mod database is over 90% complete, so I'm happy enough with the site now to 'release' it (really it's been live the entire time). As this is an introductory post, introducing things sounds like a good idea.

Mod Database

The main thing this site provides right now is the mod database, which houses information on each mod. It includes things like:

This is the meat of the website as it stands. All of the custom descriptions and image gathering is what has taken this site so long to get filled. Some mod descriptions look a little sparse, then again some mods are simple changes that don't require heavy descriptions. If there's anything you think needs more attention, please contact me.


The intent is to create articles on all things mod related, including news, using mods (guides), developing mods (guides, resources), recommendations etc. Right now there is only the 'State of Modding' series (see the articles section), which fulfills the news remit of this section.


The site aims to keep information and download links for all of the obsoleted mods too, which will be a nice historical repository as more and mods get obsoleted. Beyond that, older posts in the 'State of Modding' article series (see the articles section), should act as a historical reference.

Glossary and tips pages

Recently I made a mod called 'Did You Know?', which displays glossary terms and tips in-game. The purpose of the pages on this website are twofold; a source of information in their own right, and a way for people to view all of the content in the mod at once. The glossary and tips pages use the same data as the mod, which is nice when it comes to updating the data whenever new patches are released. If you notice the data is inaccurate, let me know.

Future plans

Over time I want the site to be more fleshed out, which could take a number of directions. Thoughts right now include:

If you have any feedback please let me know. There's an email at the bottom of the page, and probably a thread on the Uber forums. This website is now in the beta stage of development :D

8 updated mods


There are 8 updated mods:

Progress Update


Some of the basic content has been done (up to 73%), but most of my PA time was spent on making a new mod and creating other content for the site. This is the new content:

Today is the day to update the basic content. I should be maintaining a few of my mods today too, but something's got to give and it's unlikely I can do both.

3 new mods, 2 updated mods


There are 3 new mods, bringing the total to 87. The new mods are:

There are 2 updated mods:

The goal of the next few days


A fresh chunk of free time means more updating of the site. Pretty much nothing has been done since the 2014-03-26 post, so we're still at ~66% completion of the basic content. But there's been more new mods, so it's actually more like ~63%. Regardless, since I thought there was a PA tournament today but there isn't, there's 6 hours of time just begging to be eaten up by site updating. Here are the goals:

That's it. Let's do this.

Database update


There are 4 new mods, bringing the total to 84. The new mods are:

There are 6 updated mods:

3 mods have been removed from PAMM, but they'll remain on this site. One day when they form a sizeable section of the database, they will probably get spun-off into their own database:

Website progress update


Found a few days to work on the site, and I'm happy to say that the base content is around 66% complete. Progress is a little slow, but there are so many mods to catch up on it's little wonder. It doesn't help that since starting this site there have been 19 new mods to write about, not that I'll ever complain about that.

I've worked on a few other site things too, like helper programs to make updating the site easier, and trivial style changes. When the site is finally fully up to date, the programs will make staying up to date relatively painless.

3 new mods, 19 updated mods


Some new mods and plenty of updated mods today. There's so many updated mods (and will be more soon) because the API has been altered in a breaking way. Here's the new mods:

There are 19 updated mods:

5 new mods, 4 updated mods


There are 5 new mods, bringing the total to 81. The new mods are:

There are 4 updated mods:

3 new mods


3 new mods, all possible aids to spectators:

Small changes to site


3 new mods


3 new mods makes 73 in total. The three new mods are:

Status Update


Progress on the content has been slower than I'd like, but fully expected. TBH I played the game between adding content, which progressed quickly to just playing the game. The base content is ~28% complete, so there's a fair way to go yet.

5 new mods added


In the space of a day, 5 new mods have been added to PAMM! That brings the total to 70 as of now.

Search feature added


Found a nice jquery plugin to filter html tables today. HTML tables were meant only as a temporary measure until a database got set up. But this plugin will mean I can focus more on content than infastructure for now. A proper database will still be made if and when it's required.

Progress update


There's currently 64 mods, and currently three sections per mod on this site (description, gallery, changelog). 17 sections are filled, so this site is ~9% of the way to coming out of alpha! If we include the basic section (which is auto-generated from PAMM), then the site is ~31% full and I feel much happier ;)

Might take a few weeks for there to be a lot of content on site, but I may post it about before then if it looks presentable. Prettifying may happen every now and then.


Welcome to PA Mods, a website focused on mods for Planetary Annihilation. If you can see this then you've probably come here before the site is properly live. Then again the main page will probably be blog style, so this may stick around until newsworthy things happen. You'll have to excuse the mess, it's alpha ;)

If you came here by accident and don't know what Planetary Annihilation is, check out the 'About PA' page.

For a brief overview of what this site is about, check out the 'About PA Mods' page.