Planetary Annihilation is an RTS game created by Uber entertainment. It is the 'spiritual successor' to Supreme Commander and Total Annihilation (more heavily TA, but they are both an influence), two big players in the genre years gone by. Innovations to the genre include spherical maps (gameplay is on celestial bodies) and multiple planes (more than one celestial body in a single game), making Planetary Annihilation gameplay a unique experience. It was released in 2014, and is still in active development with regular patches to fix bugs and gameplay. As the existence of this website might attest, there is a thriving mod community, as well as a sizeable community in general. Below is an abbreviated history of Planetary Annihilation in video form:

Initial funding was acquired from kickstarter backing in September 2012.

The alpha phase of development began in June 2013.

The beta phase of development began in September 2013.

The initial release arrived in August 2014.

The ranked update arrived in October 2014.

The Unit Cannon update arrived in December 2014.

Planetary Annihilation is available to purchase from Steam, directly from Uber, and through physical retail channels.