PAMM for Windows, Starters Guide

If you are new to using mods for Planetary Annihilation, and are using windows, this guide will help you get started. It includes an installation guide, points out UI features, and shows how to select and use mods.


  1. Download
  2. Install
  3. UI
  4. UI: News Tab
  5. UI: Installed Mods tab
  6. UI: Available Mods tab
  7. UI: Settings tab
  8. tl;dr: Installing a mod
  9. tl;dr: Enabling/disabling a mod
  10. Resources


The installer is available here: PAMM v4.0.3 installer. There may be a more recent version available. Either look for a more recent installer (try the PAMM for windows topic on Uber forums), or install this version and it should prompt you to update when you first run it.

NOTE: Anti-virus software may detect the installer as malware, that's a false-positive. The software does not contain malware, or a virus.


This is just like installing any other typical program on your computer. Run the PAMM executable you just downloaded. Depending on your operating system and settings, you may experience some different roadblocks before getting to the installer itself:

  • Windows 8 may present you with a 'Windows SmartScreen' warning like this:
  • It's not obvious that you have to click 'more info' to continue.

    To start the installer click 'run anyway'.

  • Windows XP and Windows 7 may present you with a UAC window like this one (sourced from wikipedia):
  • Do whatever it wants to get to the installer. There may be multiple UAC windows presented before you can proceed.

  • Other operating systems or setups may yield different barriers to installation. Your anti-virus may prevent you from running the installer. If this happens, change the anti-virus settings as necessary.

When you see a window titled "PA Mod Manager x.x.x Setup" or similar, you know you've finally come to the installer:

The first window of the installer. Click next.

Install the program like you would any other:

By default it tries to install in the same directory as Planetary Annihilation. But it doesn't matter where it is installed. Pick a location and click install.

Successful installation yields this window. Click finish.

When loading PAMM for the first time, again your anti-virus may complain, or Windows may require you to 'unblock' the program, allowing it to execute:

Nearly there.

Installation should now be complete. PAMM is now ready to run. If you didn't uncheck the 'start now' option in the installer, it probably is running.

User Interface

PAMM has a selection of tabs, with an always-visible menu above them. Here's the menu:

The PAMM menu, with important tabs numbered.

  1. The news tab, probably the first tab that opens
  2. The installed mods tab, upon first use this tab will be empty. A yellow number indicates how many mods you have installed that have an update available
  3. The available mods tab, this displays all mods you can download and install
  4. The settings tab, where you can customise how and what you want PAMM to display

At the bottom of the window are 'launch pa', 'refresh' and 'exit' buttons. Clicking 'launch pa' will start the game, with any mods you have enabled in PAMM enabled in the game.

Launch the game, refresh PAMM, or exit PAMM.

News tab

The news tab is for the latest modding news. Usually this means advertising a new mod, or large improvements to an existing mod. Forum links take you to topics on the Uber forums.

The PAMM news tab, displaying news.

Installed Mods tab

This tab lists all mods you have installed. If you have many mods installed, handy filters just below the menu allow you to quickly find what you're looking for. If there are installed mods that can be updated, you can update all of them at once via the message displayed under the menu.

Each mod has a little area where it displays pertinent information about itself:

  • A toggle (the circle), indicates whether the mod is enabled
  • The mod name
  • The author(s) of the mod
  • The version of the mod
  • The build of the game
  • The date the mod was last updated
  • Required mods for this mod to function
  • A link to the forum thread on the Uber forums
  • An update button, if the mod can be updated

The PAMM installed mods tab.

Available Mods tab

The available mods tab is where you can find and install new mods. Like the installed mods tab, each mod displays pertinent information about itself. The information displayed includes an optional icon, and a description of the mod. Clicking install installs the mod. There is also a filter/sorter, available by clicking 'show additional options'.

The available mods, in alphabetical order.

Sorted by last updated. Any mods you have installed but not updated will display with orange text.

Settings tab

Here you can change settings for PAMM. Loading mod likes loads how many likes each mod's topic has received on the Uber forums. This can take a long time, so is disabled by default.

The PAMM settings tab.

Other tabs

There are two other tabs, log and about; they show a log of what PAMM has done, and statistics about PAMM, respectively.


How do I install a mod

  1. Start PAMM
  2. Go to the 'Available Mods' tab
  3. Find the mod you want to install
  4. Click the mods 'install' button

How do I enable/disable a mod

  1. Start PAMM
  2. Go to the 'Installed Mods' tab
  3. Find the mod you want to enable/disable
  4. Click the toggle next to the mod (the circle). Blue indicates enabled, white outline indicates disabled.

Other resources

PAMM for windows topic on Uber forums

PAMM for linux and mac topic on Uber forums