Playthrough of Galactic War in pictures (Absurd difficulty, Uber size)


This is a play through of the single player Galactic War, in patch v67457, on 'absurd' difficulty, with an 'uber' sized galaxy. There are many pictures all on one page, you have been warned (it may need a minute to load).

Galactic War in pictures

Initial galaxy

I have the speed hotfix, so this card actually works as the devs intended. The other cards are for: advanced defenses, basic air, advanced air, efficiency tech and storage compression tech

First battle won

Complete bot tech is nice I guess. Onto all the single planet systems first

A little quicker

Quicker still

Lots of single planet systems in this galaxy

I don't think I'll beat this time next time. Enemy commanders regrouped when one base went down, split the inferno forces between them and they went down almost simultaneously

Last of the visible single planet systems. The intel tech makes radars half cost. That's nearly a mex for free, I'll take that in early game

Not as quick, but quick enough

Another single planet system unlocked, and a faction leader is in sight. I need orbital tech or at least another sub-commander to lean on to have a good chance of coming out on top there

That'll do

Let's do this. I expect 3 ai this time

Only 2 ai

Boom. Naval start wouldn't have helped even if match had dragged on

I may regret this. Bye bye air, hello sub-commander

Actually I'm ok with it...

Improved commander build arm and superweapons to round it off. It's a shame I got rid of all t2 tech (bots had to go for build arm)

Finally versus 3 ai, the difficulty must take longer to ramp up on an uber sized galaxy. Sub-10 minutes is ok

Under 7 minutes, better

Under 9 minutes, worse

Cheaper air units, will help very little, but a little

Sub-5 minutes. Only two enemy ai and they spawned nearby. The vehicle speed card is doing its magic

The first run of this system crashed pa a few minutes in, luckily on reload it didn't treat it as a loss

A longer battle than most, one commander buggered off to the moon

I hope the faction leader isn't on one of those two isolated systems. I spent ages skirting round them

Wow it is, painful. I might have saved a lot of time by going the route highlighted

Bombers to finish. Quicker than sending infernos across the globe

Single planet faction leader battle doesn't seem very epic. Incidentally I could have avoided three battles by going the way highlighted

And it isn't. Just one ai (even the first match had two) and single-planet, blue team has a very poor boss battle. Sub-3 minute win with inferno and bomber rush

Improved build arms for fabbers, this will help grind this out quicker

Vehicle ammunition tech will also help

My guess that the leader is at the back was wrong. I bet it's at the front now

Another quick victory

Even without an inferno rush this commander isn't in the best situation

Ugh, please be close

Another one that flew to the moon

A six planet system, makes a nice change from all the two planet systems. Hopefully it will be multi-planet spawn for an interesting fight. Three new systems are unhidden, none has the faction leader

Not multi-planet spawns. Another rush to snipe before the enemy can go T2 or orbital

My sub-commanders are doing a good job of colonising pretty quickly

The last faction leader in sight, and a three planet system to play on before that. Hopefully this will have multi-planet spawns

It is multi-planet. Me and one sub-commander spawn on the central planet, against one enemy ai. The rest are on the inner moon

Rush orbital to outer moon to ensure not planet smashed, then quick snipes multi-planet

The final battle is here. I suspect it'll be similar to the last one, two-planet spawns with a smashable

It is as described, but with only 3 enemy ai, and the smashable needs many halleys. Rush the two enemy ai on starting planet, and twiddle thumbs whilst fabbers take an astraeus ride

I wonder what the enemy commander is thinking

The conquered galaxy

Victory splash screen

Victory dance

My thoughts on Galactic War

I like it, and have played it a lot. After completing the hardest difficulty and biggest sized galaxy, I have some observations I'd like to share.

With these observations in mind, here's how I would fix what I think needs fixing.