No Buffs playthrough of Galactic War (Uber size, Absurd difficulty, no buffs) (Part 2)

Part 2

Part 2 of a run through Galactic War, on Absurd difficulty, Uber size, no buff cards allowed, and no more than three sub-commanders allowed. Part 1 is Part 1 is here.

At the end of part 1, the first faction leader has been taken out.

Go for blue, they've already been softened up a little

Three enemy commanders, things just got harder. Two has just about been managable, because they could be neutered before they got too strong. Three is more of a handful.

Very easy starting spot to defend. Can almost leave defense to sub-commanders and focus on eco

Sneaky terrain advantage is sneaky

I'm wasting so much eco I'm building a nuke (first time for a long time)

I nuked the last commanders (naval) base, who promptly buggered off to the moon. Unfortunately for him that place was well and truly colonised.

Death by reclaim, the ultimate shame for any commander

A new sub-commander joins the fold. Things just got more managable

That seemed easier than the previous battles. One of the enemy did start in the water, but there were three instead of two so that's no excuse. I have a hunch that the blue team has a different personality, perhaps one that does less land spam and more of something else.

Another battle, another three enemy ai. Two of their commanders went to the other planet, two of my sub-commanders got destroyed.

Another two planet system, and the faction leader is in sight

Comm-Bombing my semi-abandoned base, how annoying

Wow that has been nerfed to nothing. Two mex, a laser tower, a radar and a sheller were destroyed; everything else was just tickled by the nuclear explosion

Blue faction leader time. Unfortunately blue team has a rather underwhelming boss battle. Single planet

This should say it all

After an easy victory the galaxy looks like this

My hand now includes advanced naval, basic bots and advanced bots

I deleted basic bots, because I don't want the sub-commanders to build them. Slammers would be nice for me to build but it's for the greater good

They're all two planet systems, I pick this one

Orbital rush for safety, then T2 vehicle spam from the moon to finish.


The other planet has so much metal, it would be rude not to rush orbital

Kicked off the main planet, and T2 vehicles failed to get back on. The air is strong in this one, so halleys for the win

Unfortunately the server crashed, kicking me back to the galactic war metagame. I'll do it again with the same strategy (try T2 vehicles from other planet, halleys otherwise) and see how it goes.

Two enemy commanders go to the other planet around the time I did. If they double teamed and microed for comm-boxing it would be gg

They didn't do that, one walked away to start a base elsewhere. My commander followed.

All three enemy commanders decided to get off the main planet. This is crazy

The first goes down to bombers

The second goes down to bombers

The third goes down to vanguards

One more two planet system and the final faction leader is in sight

Another 4 mex treat

Bombers take out a trespasser on the second planet

Another trespasser, another bomber snipe; with an assist from a sheller

Hornet snipe with mass hummingbirds to defend and occupy

Final battle, 3 planets makes this one a doozey. If there are 4 enemy ai this could be difficult

Air first, I need to know who is where

Three enemy ai. Me and all sub-commanders started on planet 2, along with 2 enemy commanders. Leaving one enemy commander alone on planet one.

The two enemy ai on my starting planet succumbed to pressure. By this time I was well established on the smashable

Two sub-commanders stupidly heroically try and invade the other planet solo

The endgame

Vanguard snipe attempt just for fun

That didn't work out so well.

This did

Conquered galaxy

Result screen

Happy face


This run, limiting the cards allowed in my hand, was much more fun than playing normally. It was largely a case of overwhelming with T2 vehicles, but there were many other things going on. It didn't just seem like a repetitive grind.