IconNameDescriptionAuthorLast Updated
L@v@ C@rn@geA small lava planet (radius 400). Half of the planet is covered in lava, the other half has some nice choke points. Designed for quick games, 4 player FFA or 2v2.Alpha25462014/12/14
The T3mpleA small forested planet, designed for 4 player FFA or 2v2. One side has a large temple containing many metal spots, the other a lake, with a heavily forested area containing spawn points in between (with choke points in between the spawns, created by terrain features).Alpha25462014/12/24
Hot PlatformsA 4-way mirrored lava map, with 4 land masses connected to a central land mass via narrow bridges. Suitable for a 4 player FFA, or a team 2v2.ballsonfire2015/01/01
Fields of Isis (with metal island)A recreation of a classic Supreme Commander map, with an additional island accessible only by air and orbital.ballsonfire2014/11/28
Fields of IsisA recreation of a classic Supreme Commander map.ballsonfire2014/11/28
Bridge Walkway1v1. Two small islands connected by a large narrow bridge in a sea of lava. Two unconnected islands are nearby for small expansion.Crashoverride2015/01/05
Fort WarsClose quarters symmetric 4v4 map. 2 spawns in a walled fort, large mountains make many choke points elsewhere. 2 isolated spawns are on the back of the planet.Crashoverride2015/01/05
Fort WarClose Quarters symmetric 1v1. Each player starts in a walled fort, backed by large plateaus taking up most of the map. A narrow canyon along the equator separates the plateaus.Crashoverride2015/01/05
Iceberg StartA mainly water symmetric 1v1. You can spawn on a small island, or a raised iceberg.Crashoverride2015/01/05
Simple Moon BalancedA basic moon, each spawn has 4 metal spots.Crashoverride2015/01/05
Water with BridgeSymmetric 1v1. Mountain island spawns, connected by bridges to a small land mass with dense metal spots. The rest of the map is largely water.Crashoverride2015/01/05
Water Forts2 army, mainly water symmetric map. Each army has one large spawn, with a choice of spawning on one of two plateaus, or in the water.Crashoverride2015/01/05
Sector 3BA 3 planet system (lava 800 radius, moon 500 radius, death star 550 radius). The lava planet is split into 3 sectors, land units cannot move between sectors.FartKing2014/12/29
Kingdoms CollideAn interesting 1v1 (or 2v2, 3v3, ...) map, with much height variation, clustered and sporadic metal, and terrain features forming obstacles and choke points. Made for use with the server mod 'Epic PA', although the mod is not required.Gandalf2014/12/05
Canyon WarsAn 8 player FFA (required) map, covered with large chasms, breaking up the entire surface into small areas. Metal spots are plentiful and distributed evenly.Gandalf2014/12/03
Snow ArenaAn arena map with plenty of well distributed metal spots, with multiple lanes. A smaller version of the map 'Team Arena', meant for 1v1 play.Gandalf2014/12/02
IceAgeA 1v1 watery ice planet, containing a network of land masses connected by narrow strips of land and metal bridges. There are many small lakes, and a larger ocean.Gandalf2014/12/05
Prof XA 2v2 map with sheltered spawns, a large central battlefield (in the shape of an X), and a back area accessible only by air. Spawns only work with 2 armies, ie 3v3 will work but not 1v1v1.Gandalf2014/11/29
Team ArenaAn arena map with plenty of well distributed metal spots, with multiple lanes. Designed for team play.Gandalf2014/12/02
IgnusA 500 radius lava planet designed for 2 armies (up to 3v3 recommended), with a single spawn per army. Contains choke points, open areas, and sporadic metal spots.ishytarus2014/12/22
Ice Bound4 easily defensible spawns encompass a small battlefield on one half of the planet. The other half of the planet is a large, open battlefield.ishytarus2015/01/04
Argo4 player FFA only map. Each player spawns in their own stone henge, equal distance away from their nearest neighbours. There are many choke points and metal spots about the map, with dense metal spots at each pole.pilotrose2015/01/07
Finn's VengeanceA small (radius 304) symmetrical tropical planet, with well distributed metal spots. Inspired by the Supreme Commander map 'Finn's Revenge'.squishypon32014/12/20
Choke PointA small symmetrical lava planet largely covered in lava. A single island contains a large battleground (roughly split into 3 lanes by terrain features), and a narrower (long way round) battleground.w33dkingca2014/12/12
The DivideA symmetrical planet with a ribbon of almost encompassing water, with water spawns either end. The forested land contains many choke points, formed by plateaus and narrow land bridges.w33dkingca2014/12/12
L472_A small, non-symmetrical map, with generous metal spots scattered in between choke points and lava lakes.zx02015/01/05