IconNameDescriptionAuthorLast Updated
Com Reclaim FixMakes the com faster and worth less. Now compatible with Legion (hopefully)!flubb2016-06-06
Metal HeckBuild metal extractors anywhere. That's it, and it's amazing.Stuart982016/05/20
MysticalFists AI Skirmish CheatsThis mod adds Quick Build, Infinite Resources and High Health.MysticalFists2015/08/24
MysticalFists AI Skirmish Titans CheatsThis mod adds Quick Build, Infinite Resources and High Health.MysticalFists2015/12/26
ReplicatorsGives the Locusts a replicate alt-fire ability.burntcustard2015/10/17
Dox becomes OPmakes Dox OP but he costs moreThe monkey2017-01-16
Only land unitsOnly land units,orbital fighters (only kills other orbital units), jigs and orbital factoriesThe monkey2017-01-19
Cliff PlanetsCustom planets with cliff biomes. Server side part of the mod. Replaces 'sandbox' planet and biome types.ae2014/06/19
Preloaded Anti-Nukes (Only)Only anti-nukes are preloaded with one missile, and the metal cost is increased proportionally.aidinabedi2016-06-12
BattleshipNaval battles gameplay mod for water planets onlyElodea2017/07/02
Sound Effects for Chat Messagesadds sounds to some chat messages. Try 'noot' or 'gg'flubb2016-11-26
Who Unpaused That?If a player unpauses the game, they will send a chat message.flubb2017-08-08
Kappa mod RETURNBetter balanced than true lobsGrzegorz21212016-07-12
Aurora-ArtilleryAdds new static and mobile rapid-fire artillery units. Now for PA:Titans and with Galactic War support.Heizmeister , Mirolog2017/09/01
Kuiju can use teleportersAllow kaiju to use teleporters, making water planets a valuable strategic asset in multi-planet systems[VOC] Michiel de Ruyter2017/09/22
Water Cliff PlanetsCustom planets with cliff biomes. Creates cliffs on the shores of tropical islands. Server side part of the mod.Rancor2014/11/02
Angry RobotsRework of PA: Titans - making weak units not so weakElodea2016/02/28
Boom Bot WarsAll structures and units assist in the destruction of your enemies through extreme Boom Bot usage.burntcustard2017/09/25
Guma Guma SlideA fast paced custom game bringing PA to life with rainbows and beams of love!Yuri Bros2017-09-24
Ant4Lyf ModUse new tanks to decimate enemy bases. The Ant is 4 lyf. Includes an experimental leveler with more guns.KillerKiwiJuice2017/09/25
Dox4Lyf ModDox are love, dox are life. Annihilate your foes with giant dox and dox cannons. Includes two experimental dox.KillerKiwiJuice2017/09/25
Bomber PriorityBombers target AA first when they're in-rangeKillerKiwiJuice, SirFrankfoot2015/12/31
NO LAME *** RAGANAROK!Remove the stupid and lame ragnarok from games so you don't get a troll who builds a ragnarok on a single planet.KillerKiwiJuice2015/10/16
The SwarmBuild only locusts and a special new unit :pKillerKiwiJuice2017/09/25
-=Orbital Warfare Overhaul=-Improves orbital to a state where it is actually interesting to play. CURRENTLY (somewhat) BROKEN (ie build bar icons don't show up, and some of the TITANS units don't have strategic icons for some reason), But can run!emraldis, Nicb1, mgmetal132016/3/05
AI Mod Compatibility PatchA framework to support third party AIs running alongisde the vanilla AI.Quitch2016/04/29
Bot Attack FixStops bots from moving to point-blank range to attack.Quitch2017/09/05
Queller AIA smarter and more humanlike non-cheating AI for Titans and Legion, with easier and harder difficulties than vanilla. Normal through Absurd remain the vanilla AI, while Casual through Uber are Queller. See the forum thread under details for more information on the differences between difficulties. Doesn't affect Galactic War due to it lacking server mod support.Quitch2017/09/10
AI Personalities for Skirmish and MultiplayerTailor the AI to play how you want it to play at Absurd difficulty. Want it to mass ships? Absurd Naval. Want it to play defensive? Absurd Turtle. Compatible with the Queller AI. Does not affect Galactic War. See forum thread for full personality descriptions.Quitch2017/04/02
Very Boring and Conservative Balance ModMaximum balance, minimal changes. Ensures that every unit has a use without changing the role of any unit. Restores what worked from classic balance, while making some changes of its own. Compatible with the Legion Expansion. Please leave your feedback in the forum thread.Quitch2017/08/25
Titan CommanderTitan Commanderstartege12015/10/04
True EconomyReduces Commander metal cost to devalue Commander reclaim strategies that discombobulate standard economic timing variability. Play the game as intended without no risk economic turbo charging.Elodea2016/05/21
Nuke warfareNuke Warfare Mod. *Nukes have decrased damage but you make it much faster. *Edited fabbers make game faster, make more air units interplanetary. *Advanced Combat fabbers can build some troops. //Thanks to s03g for helping me.Przemek2122, s03g2017-01-13
Revenge of the GregozorLegion lord returns with the most powerful balance mod ever created It is revenge of the Gregozor It is the time of THE LEGIONGrzegorz21212016-07-12
Fun mod (WIP)Adds to the game by adding new strategies to the mix such as making energy more relevant and as a strategic resource, there's nukes and nuclear warheads now which can be found in the Bluehawk and the Hornet, did I mention the Boom bot truly does go boom now ;) special thanks to the Orbital Warfare Overhaul team for allowing me to use their units and icons. The mod has been updated to play on Titans, it is currently in testing so please provide feedback in the forums please.s03g2017-01-20
Allows the host to increase the eco up to 10XAllows the host to increase the eco up to 10X (increased metal and energy output by X2 from the units)s03g2016-11-17
Planetary Obliteration Alpha (WIP)Legion + New Units + New Balance = New & Better Experience. Work in progress, please report bugs and other feedback to the forum thread.Stuart98, (See credits.txt)2017/09/23
Zero Hour TauntsTaunt your opponents using the Generals' Taunts from Command and Conquer Generals: Zero Hour. See forum thread for instructions.Stuart982017/01/16
Kickstarter CommanderReplaces Invictus with the Kickstarter Commanderrobintick2016-12-10
War TurtleBuffs static defences for your turtling pleasurerobintick2015/09/13
Super Land MinesMakes land mines more powerful and useful.Warren Churulich2014/11/13
BaBoomBig Bomb Bot - self destructs for nuke-sized explosion, commander-sized if hitwondible2017/06/29
Battle For The TankAnt vs. Bolo - pick your side. (Host needs to refresh lobby for selection.)wondible2015/09/16
Commander RegenerationCommanders slowly regain health.wondible2017/06/29
Devastated Metal BiomePlay metal planets with lots of craters and reclaimable unit cannons. Separate client mod required to create planets.wondible2017/08/29
Extreme Energy CombatUnits use large amounts of energy while fighting.wondible2015/09/01
Extremely Efficient EngineersFactories and Fabricators have minimal energy cost.wondible2015/08/31
Finite MetalMetal spots are reclaimable, extractors exist only to help route fabbers to spots.wondible2015/08/31
HodgePodgeSupport framework for server mods which manages adding units to the build bar and strategic icons.wondible2016/07/02
Junkyard BiomePlay desert or moon planets with lots of reclaimable metal bits. A separate client mod is required to create planets.wondible2017/08/29
Low Energy CommanderThe commander generates very little energy (200).wondible2015/08/29
Minimal MexMetal Extractors produce one metal.wondible2015/08/31
Mod Help Player GuideMake additional player guide topics available from supporting server mods.wondible2015/08/29
No Metal CommanderThe commander generates no metal, but he has more storage to get going.wondible2015/08/29
Peppermint PlanetPlay a red and white striped biome type. A separate client mod is required to create planets.wondible2017/08/29
Preloaded NukesNukes and anti-nukes are preloaded with one missile, and the metal cost is increased proportionally.wondible2015/09/10
PuppetmasterAllow specators to create and control units.wondible2015/09/26
Puppetmaster Cinematic EffectsRemoves laser site from Puppetmaster drop-pod effectwondible2016/07/18
Reclaimable FeaturesMake rocks and metal bits reclaimable.wondible2015/08/29
Timed SquallsBase the Squall (carrier drone) range on a timer instead of degeneration.wondible2015/09/30
Titan GantryFactory that builds most titans.wondible2017/06/29
Weapons TrackingMod support framework. Adds all vanilla ammo to the spatial database.wondible2016/03/05
WreckageAll units leave more valuable wreckage.wondible2015/08/29
Brush library serverBrush library adds more options to brushes and extra biomes that allow you to select themCola_Colin2014/12/06
Murder PartyKill your targetsCola_Colin2014/06/06
PA Stats ServerTrack your statistics: Enabled on all players in a gameCola_Colin2015/3/23
No AtrophyRemoves Atrophy of structuresflare1272016/01/24
Robomoo TestingTesting testing 123. Nothing to see here yet.Robomoo2017-08-13
Insomnia Legion serverSingle-faction version of Legion which turns Legion T1 and T2 to MLA T2 and T4. Lots of other smaller and bigger changes too (many of which yet to be developed). Used in all Insomnia/cosmicwar.net lobbies in our custom server, and eventually to be used in all of our events.icycalm, Robomoo2017-08-25
CFCRU:Combat fabers can't reclaim UnitsBasic combat fabricators can't reclaim units, this includes the commander. This mod works with both titans and legion.River,N3ON2016/08/11
Unit RushBeta version!! Your units will attack the enemy own there own. You need to build the factories on the right spot! Don't play this mod on maps with big lakes, much CSG overlaping together, or multiple planets.River2016/24/11
Rainbow RacersRace your car through the track and get to the metal spot to build your trophy!.Yuri Bros, Elodea2016/04/12
The Combox ModBattle you foes in a game of eco management, position and speed! Your Commander is your only Fabricator, Buidl from a selection of unitsa and structures while utilising your commander to acheive victory. Storing Economy is essential. Disable all other mods that edit Units in anyway.TheEffectThecause2017-07-24
Humerous Voice Chat Movie and TV quote'sA mod that adds TV and movie quotes to the ingame chat, Works by typing the number you want in to the ingame chat window from 01 to 40(single digits must have a 0 e.g. 01)TheEffectThecause + Flubb2016-11-26
Multiple Biomes For Sytem DesignersServer Mod.TheEffectTheCause2017-02-10