Some mods conflict with each other, due to the nature of modding in Planetary Annihilation. Typically, mods conflict when they alter the same files of the game using a technique called shadowing. When this happens, only one of the mods changes are applied to that file; likely breaking the other mod entirely, or stopping it from working as intended. Server mods are the most likely to conflict with one another, as shadowing unit data files is the dominant method of creating server mods. This section outlines what mods probably conflict with this one, it's not exhaustive and may (rarely) contain false positives.

No conflicts on record, this mod probably doesn't conflict with any other mods currently on PAMM.

This section is updated manually, which I aim to do once a month. The last time it was updated is the last time modconflicts.json was updated in this github repository.


This mod does three things:

Camera anchors are like camera bookmarks, they allow you to save and snap back to camera positions you think are important. You can set and retrieve camera anchors using the keyboard in the vanilla game (shift+num, alt+num respectively), this mod does a bit more though. When an anchor is set it is lit up, reminding you what anchors have been set (and conversely what are available to be set).

Group anchors act in much the same way as camera anchors, but work on groups of units instead of camera positions. To use, select a group of units and set an anchor. When recalled, the camera moves to over the group of units.

The 'orient to poles' button rotates the camera, so north is at the top of the screen and south is at the bottom. By default this is the same as hitting 'n' on the keyboard. Putting a seldom used function in the ui gives avid modders an extra key to bind on the keyboard.


UI as of v1.6, showing camera anchors and unit group anchors. Camera anchors 1 and 2 have been set, as has unit group anchor 2.

UI as of v1.6, showing camera anchors and 'orient to poles' button.

UI as of v1.6, showing the settings in the settings menu.