Some mods conflict with each other, due to the nature of modding in Planetary Annihilation. Typically, mods conflict when they alter the same files of the game using a technique called shadowing. When this happens, only one of the mods changes are applied to that file; likely breaking the other mod entirely, or stopping it from working as intended. Server mods are the most likely to conflict with one another, as shadowing unit data files is the dominant method of creating server mods. This section outlines what mods probably conflict with this one, it's not exhaustive and may (rarely) contain false positives.

No conflicts on record, this mod probably doesn't conflict with any other mods currently on PAMM.

This section is updated manually, which I aim to do once a month. The last time it was updated is the last time modconflicts.json was updated in this github repository.


Allows players to create planets with the sandbox biome. Playable by anyone (even those without the mod), planets with a sandbox biome are flat grey spheres with grid marks, used by the Uber devs for testing. Quicker to load and render, it helps when making massive games, or running on below-spec machines. Also, not a bad choice if you like playing on moons and dislike the craters.


You can create planets with the sandbox biome.

The sandbox biome in all its griddy glory.

The sandbox biome icon shown when loading a sandbox biome system.