Economy Efficiency v2

Basic Info

Mod name: Economy Efficiency v2

Author: stan_petit_cul, cola_colin

Categories: in-game, ui

Made for build: 63234

Last updated: 2014/03/25

Latest version: 2.1

Basic description: Improves the Eco Information bars


This mod vastly improves the eco bar, allowing you to see at a glance the state of your economy. The main features are:

There is an old version of the mod which is no longer updated, but some people may prefer: Eco Efficiency.


Metal and energy are draining, but energy has a red bar because it is draining quickly.

Energy is recovering, but energy stores are reasonably low so the bar is yellow.

Energy and metal are depleted, but energy is more critical (so the energy bar is flashing red). The middle % is the economy efficiency, which is the lowest resource % of depleted resources.