No Blackscreens

Basic Info

Mod name: No Blackscreens

Author: cola_colin, proeleert, wondible

Categories: Bugfix

Made for build: 63475

Last updated: 2014/04/18

Latest version: 6.0

Basic description: Fix for Blackscreens when loading css in mods for PA v.63180

'No Blackscreens' discussion on the Uber Entertainment forums.


Sometimes when loading into a game, you are presented with a black screen when mods are enabled, and have to hit F5 to refresh the page. This is due to a bug in the way PA handles CSS files with mods (possibly a race condition, it doesn't happen every time). This mod alters the way in which mod CSS files are loaded to fix the issue.


This mod may cause the font in the main menu to load improperly. I can live with that.