Better Build Bar

Basic Info

Mod name: Better Build Bar

Author: corang

Categories: in-game, ui

Made for build: 66770

Last updated: 2014/05/31

Latest version: 2.0.1

Basic description: Updated for galactic war! Only one preset now, doesn't require settings manager anymore

'Better Build Bar' discussion on the Uber Entertainment forums.


This mod allows you to choose between a variety of styles for the build bars. The main things you can alter are:

It may be that you rarely use the build bar, in which case it might be a good idea to make the icons as small as possible, and use icons only (no borders).


All images taken from v1.3.1

Default build bar. Transparent, with size 65 icons.


Icons only.

No borders.

Transparent borders.

50, the smallest size the icons can be set.

100, the biggest the icons can be set. The same as in the vanilla game.

The settings menu, showing all available options.