Basic Info

Mod name: Linger

Author: wondible

Categories: in-game, ui

Made for build: 63180

Last updated: 2014/03/21

Latest version: 1.0.2

Requires: Floating Framework

Basic description: Prevent the game from exiting immediately, and provides a button to go to game over.

'Linger' discussion on the Uber Entertainment forums.


This mod improves the end-game experience for players, allowing them to take in the events that preceded, and continue communication with the other players post-victory (as long as they have the mod installed). When the server would otherwise kick the player to the game-over stat screen, this mod instead keeps the player in game. From this state the player is a normal spectator.

This mod is best utilised as a learning tool, allowing players to review the game and their role in it. It's also an invaluable tool for casters, allowing seamless post-match analysis.


UI button that appears when the game would otherwise take you to the end-game stat screen.


Linger changelog on github.