Missile Command

Basic Info

Mod name: Missile Command

Author: wondible

Categories: in-game, ui

Made for build: 64498

Last updated: 2014/04/28

Latest version: 1.0.0

Requires: Floating Framework, Alerts Manager

Basic description: Provides limited assistance for managing nuke launchers.

'Missile Command' discussion on the Uber Entertainment forums.


This mod adds a missile command panel to the HUD of a live game, letting you manage your nuclear launchers from a central location. Selecting a nuclear launcher for the first time makes it visible to the mod, which adds it to the panel. The panel itself is invisible until a nuclear launcher has been selected. Nuclear launchers can be removed from the panel if desired, and each nuclear launcher has a PiP icon, which shows you a zoomed in PiP of the nuclear launcher when hovered over. This allows you to see the build progress of a nuclear missile.

The main functionality of this mod is to allow you to fire n missiles at n different locations, as quickly as you can click on the locations. To do this, you press the attack button on the missile command panel, and the mod will select the first nuclear launcher and get ready an attack command. When you fire the missile, the mod will automatically select the next launcher and get ready an attack command. It will cycle through the missile launchers until you run out, or you want to do something else.

It's a good solution to manage multiple nuclear launchers easily.


(v1.0) The missile command panel, showing four nuclear launchers.

(v1.0) Selected nuclear launchers are highlighted in the panel.

(v1.0) Hovering over a PiP icon shows the nuclear launcher in a PiP window, allowing you to check on build progress.

(v1.0) Showing how easy it is to...command your missiles ;)