Countdown before game start

Basic Info

Mod name: Countdown before game start

Author: pownie

Categories: ui

Made for build: 62443

Last updated: 2014/03/05

Latest version: 1

Basic description: Sends a count down via chat when starting a game

'Countdown before game start' discussion on the Uber Entertainment forums.



When this mod was made, the host could hit ready at any point, and the game would start regardless of whether the other players were ready or not (pre-loading was not implemented and there was no ready button for players). This mod starts a 15 second timer when the host hits ready, displayed in the chat as if the host wrote it. The host can abort the timer by clicking abort or changing a game setting.

This mod is obsolete because now every player has to hit ready before the host can. It's been removed from PAMM, but you can still download it here for reference: Countdown before Game Start v1


It's the final countdown...