Dox to Smasher

Basic Info

Mod name: Dox to Smasher

Author: stuart98

Categories: in-game, dox, model, replacement, unit

Made for build: 63475

Last updated: 2014/04/11

Latest version: 1.0

Basic description: Replaces the model of the Dox with that of the Smasher. Now you too can harass while looking 50% more awesome!

'Dox to Smasher' discussion on the Uber Entertainment forums.


OBSOLETE - The smasher model is now used by the grenadier in the vanilla game. Enabling this mod to use the same model for the dox would be confusing.

This mod is a model change only, none of the statistics have altered and the game plays identically to if the mod is not enabled. It's a nice model and fits in well. Not sure how many people will choose to use this mod regularly as the Dox is iconic, then again this does look very similar to a unit in Total Annihilation too.


Is this a swarm of Dox, or a mob of Smashers? I suppose it depends on whether you have the mod enabled.

The Smasher in the build bar.